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The quality of life is equal to, and arguably better than, that of any other country in the world.  Imagine the social system, that protects you with free health care, education, unemployment and retirement. It does not mean that the French do not have any problems making ends meet and it’s true that the French bureaucratic system has many drawbacks, but on these key issues, the social system protects them against major life problems.

Imagine a five weeks of paid vacation and 35 hours/week dedicated to work.

Imagine enjoying life without feeling guilty, if you do not work or if you do not "do something", but spend many hours in the caffe talking to your fiend and having a tree hours lunch. Imagine Art de Vivre in France.

My Art de Vivre in Paris

When I first visited Paris 30 years ago, little did I knew that this City will change my life forever. At that time I didn’t know, why I felt so good in this city, but as the time passed and I revisited the City, it became clear that it’s the way of life that I was mostly attracted to.

The French have raised the enjoyment of the small things in life, to the level of art. They know how to slow down and savor each moment, and I just blended in perfectly.

Every day was a discovery, starting with the friendly conversation with a local baker, savoring the morning fresh coffee with pain au chocolat and some soft music playing in my flat.

I was a student on a limited budget, and had just enough for a citron presse (real lemonade), that will last me forever in some of many Parisian cafes.

From these cafes I was entertained by people going to work, stylish Parisian ladies on their way to salons and endless street entertainers. My favorite walks were along the river Seine at the end of the day when sun reflect the Haussmannian facades and sun sets behind the bridges. This was the true meaning of Art de Vivre, appreciating not just the finer things in life–but life tout court. Now, I am doing it every day, as I’ve made the City of Light my permanent home.

My Art de Vivre is to take time out, to have a delicious meal with my husband or a friend, listen to jazz in one of many jazz clubs in Paris, go to the new exhibition, window shop, or just taking any street and discovering something new. I like the chance to meet other French artists and artisans, when they open their studios to the public or when they exhibit their art in the street markets.

French has mastered the Art of Living and I’ve embraced it with all my hart.


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