Designed by the architects, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers.  They  created the modern art gallery with a twist. They’ve made all the bones of the building visible. You can see  the utility pipes and escalator tubes climbing around the exterior of the building. Parisians called it Notre-Dame des Tuyeaux (Our Lady of the Pipes).

The tubes and blocks outside the

Pompidou Center are color coded:

RED = transportation

YELLOW = electricity

BLUE = air conditioning

GREEN = water

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Centre George Pompidou - Beaubourg



Paris , France


place Georges Pompidou, 4e


+33 1 44 78 12 33

Getting there

Metro: Rambuteau

More information


museum, exhibitions & panorama adult/child €14/free

Opening hours

11am-10pm Wed-Mon

Centre Pompidou – The Centre Pompidou houses the National Museum of Modern Art, Children's Gallery, movie theaters and cafes.

Children's Gallery (La Galerie des enfants) has a special interactive exhibits exploring contemporary art and creative workshops. If you speak French call to reserve the place at 01 44 78 4422. It’s fun to ride the exterior tube-like escalators to the top floor .

In the plaza in front of the Centre Pompidou there's always something going on – mimes, marching bands and other street performers. Pick up some food from the local vendors, sit in front of Beaubourg and enjoy the performance.

Next to Beaubourg, don’t  miss the cool contemporary Stravinsky Fountain. All the sculptures cum fountains are named after one of Stravinsky’s major works.