The Best of Europe

The Best of France



The Best of Italy

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Wacky visionaries like Dali and Gaudi  has left a trace in many cities. Discover these tree cities in Spain.

Portugal is loaded with superb beaches, good surf, amazing castles, churches and monasteries and has unique architectural art.

France has style, culture, excellent architecture, food, wine and fashion. You will find an incredible diversity of soaring landscapes, gorgeous villages, world-famous resorts and Paris the most romantic place on earth.

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Barcelona, Madrid & Seville


Moscow and St Petersburg

The Best of Holland

Italy has the richest collection of ancient buildings, museums, art and culture in Europe, with an amazing history to match. Must see - The cities of Rome, Venice, Florence, Verona and some stunning scenery around northern lakes, rolling hills of Tuscany or dramatic cliffs of Amalfi coast.

Discover the Greeks that have made endless contributions in culture, art, education, food, sport and democracy. Athens and the Greek island are for you to explore.

Officially, The kingdom of Netherlands is a country that almost shouldn't exist, because more than half of the area of the entire country is below sea level.

Turkey is a great country with stunning ancient artifacts, and populated by some of the friendliest people on earth.

Since the opening up of Eastern Europe, Prague quickly became one of the trendy places to visit.

Russia’s absurd Fabergé eggs, onion domes and caviar crepe are just a few things that accompany the visit to this fascinated country.

The Best of Belgium



Belgrade is a city where you can dance until sunrise seven nights a week, where hospitality crackles in the air, and where looking good is the name of the game.

The Kingdom of Belgium is a tiny country, rich in deep traditions and history.  Beyond the beauty of the cities and their grand and stunning historical buildings, Belgium is filled with world-class fine art and museums.

London is innovative, dynamic, and outrageous, with history and culture leaking from every brick, and individual style around every corner.