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When it comes to taking photographs in Paris, any time of the year is great to travel as each can convey a different mood to your pictures.

Spring time along the river Seine

Summer fun in Parisian parks

Fall around Covered passages

Paris covered with snow

Here are a few ideas for each season


This is usually the best time to travel to Paris. You’ll enjoy decent weather, long-enough daylight and fewer crowds.

Spring bring many blooms in the parks and avenues. People are out on the streets and cafes, and there are many colorful carnivals taking place from late February to June.

All of them are perfect opportunities for unforgettable photographs of the City of Light.


Great time to travel to Paris. The wether is mostly sunny, the days are long and will give you more time to shoot.

In July arrange your trip with crowd control in mind. Hit the back local streets where locals live, be an early bird and arrive at the most popular sights early or late in the day to avoid tour groups in order to take those good crowd free photos.

Spread your wings in August when Parisians leave Paris and the City become quieter.

Paris photos for all Seasons


A wonderful time for photography.

The summer's heat has abated, the tourists have gone home, wine grapes are being harvested and celebrated, and the cuisine is becoming interesting as folks head out to the forest to collect wild mushrooms and truffles and bring them to colorful Parisian markets.

Trees change color and those long shadows at the end of the day are all perfect opportunity for a great photo of Paris. November can be cold and gloomy but it’s a photography month in Paris, and you can still capture some dramatic skies above the major monuments.


Colorful New Year celebrations, Carnivals, music performances, exhibitions and theaters in a full swing, are some of many reasons to photograph Paris in winter.

Capture Champs Elysées, the grands boulevards and shop windows Christmas decoration. Early evening and night shots are spectacular.

Dress worm as it can be cold and in case it snow, be out early to get a pristine white cover around the Eiffel Tower, along the river and in Paris parks. They are a pure magic.