France has style, culture, excellent architecture, food, wine and fashion. You will find an incredible diversity of soaring landscapes, gorgeous villages, world-famous resorts and Paris the most romantic place on earth.

To add to this, French love anything to do with bodies, so there is no better place for fulfilling your physical dreams, whether it's paragliding off the Alps, boating through the Dordogne or stuffing yourself with foie gras and a bottle of Pouilly-Fuissé.
The language is one of the most beautiful things about the country, so let's forgive the French for being sniffy about it.

Best time to visit the country is from March-June, Sept, early-Oct for sightseeing and Jan-March for winter sports and some blue skies in the Cote d'Azure. It’s busy and crowded in July, Aug.

Minimum worthwhile travel, not incl. flights: Paris and île de France for a week, or romantic weekend in Paris, at least 2 weeks to take in Paris, and some country/mountain/beach activities, but you'll need months to discover this beautiful country.

Best of France

Normandy, Brittany and Castles in Loire Valley



Top 10 things to do in Cannes

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These three famous, slow roads are made for frequent stops to enjoy dramatic views, hilltop villages and the best scenery this coast has to offer.

Provence is legendary: exquisite cuisine, world-renowned wines, medieval palaces, picturesque villages flanked by fields of lavender.

Not far away from Paris, a  trip of a lifetime awaits you in this part of France.

We have created for you a 10 day sample itinerary that covers the best of Normandy, Brittany and the Loire river.

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French Riviera - 3 Corniches

Carcassonne and Canal du Midi

How to Travel in France

French Riviera - Best Events and Festivals in 2016

The city is of glamorous stars posing on red carpet during the Cannes Film Festival and the sweeping sandy beach of the bay, Cannes is a play-ground for the rich and famous as well as holiday makers from around the world.

It offers fine restaurants, exquisite shopping, private and public beaches and much more.

From Promenade des Anglais and great beaches, museums and monuments, art and markets, to good restaurants and nightlife - Nice has it all.

It is also a perfect base to explore the rest of this wonderful Coast.

Did you know that every day there are around 3000 exhibition, festivals and events in French Riviera. There is something for everyone and many are free.

The Principality of Monaco, a historic City of Princes, will dazzle and amaze you at each turn, from the old town, a veritable open air museum, to the Place du Casino, unique in the world.

Carcassonne is one of the best starting points to cruise the famous French waterway Canal du Midi- a must experience for everyone.

Use planes occasionally, for longer journeys. Ride the train between the cities and hire a car to explore many areas in France.

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Deals in France

France - Best Events and Festivals in 2016

3 Films to Watch before you Visit Provence and French Riviera

French Kiss

Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline  star in this bouncy romantic comedy about life, love and larceny. When her fiancé is smitten by a beautiful Frenchwoman, Kate (Ryan) flies to Paris determined to win him back. However, nothing prepares her for Luc (Kline), a cunning sexy Frenchman with a gift for gab and a fondness for thievery. A self-proclaimed expert on affairs of the heart, Luc promises to help Kate win back her man. But one star-crossed misadventure after another sweeps them across France, ultimately changing them in ways they never dreamed possible.

Classic, timeless, wonderful romantic comedy.

A Good Year

Comedy based on Peter Mayle's best-selling novel about a London-based investment banker who relocates to Provence in hopes of selling a small vineyard he has inherited from his recently-deceased uncle. As a child, Max Skinner (Freddie Highmore) was taught to appreciate the finer things in life while wandering the vineyard estate of his uncle Henry (Albert Finney). 25 years later Max (Russell Crowe) is now a successful businessman and when he learns that Henry has recently passed away and he has been named the sole beneficiary of his late uncle's estate, Max hastily arranges a flight to France in order to assess the value of the old property and get it prepped for sale. However, Max arrives in Provence to discover the vineyard in a crumbling state of disrepair, and his troubles are further compounded by the stubbornness of a gruff estate winemaker M. Duflot (Didier Bourdon) and the unexpected arrival of a determined Californian woman named Christie (Abbie Cornish) who presents herself as a long-lost cousin while making a dubious claim to Henry's estate.

A feel-good movie that highlights the beauty of France and make one want to "be there".

To Catch A Thief

Cary Grant plays John Robie, reformed jewel thief who was once known as "The Cat," in this suspenseful Alfred Hitchcock classic thriller. Robie is suspected of a new rash of gem thefts in the luxury hotels of the French Riviera, and he must set out to clear himself. Meeting pampered heiress Frances (Grace Kelly), he sees a chance to bait the mysterious thief with her mother's (Jessie Royce Landis) fabulous jewels. His plan backfires, however, but France, who believes him guilty, proves her love by helping him escape. In a spine-tingling climax, the real criminal is exposed.