Paris Events in September 2015

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  1. European Heritage Days in Paris

  2. See a Secret Side of the City during the Les Jurnees du Patrimoine in Paris. France's Heritage Days give visitors the chance to look behind the doors of 14,000 buildings which are usually closed to the public. All over the country visitors can glimpse inside politicians' homes and many museums open their doors for free.

  3. Our Visit of Palais Royal & Senat during Heritage Days 2010 in Paris

  4. 20 - 21  September, 2014

  5. Website: Heritage Days Website

  1. Fill Your Agenda on Spectaculaire

  2. September 2015

  3. From 11-19.00

  4. During the course of a weekend, you  can find out all about next season’s cultural events in Paris Ile-de-France. Over 250 cultural institutions present their future programs, that will fill your 2012 diary with forthcoming events, new shows and concerts.

  5. Quai de la Loire, Bassin de la Villette, 19th arr


  Festival Ile-de-France

  1. The Festival Ile de France celebrates the end of the summer, with many concerts spread all over Paris and the local region. The venues are selected for their beauty and cultural significance.You can travel to castles, private mansions, barns and gardens to listen to music of all genres; from classical, jazz and spiritual, to traditional Japanese folk and modern music.

  2. From 5th September to 11th October 2015

  3. Website: Festival Ile de France Website

Garde Republicaine

  1. The presidential guard opens its doors to the public during the Open Weekend at the Garde Républicaine headquarters in  Paris. This is an enjoyable day for families, as well as a chance to learn something about the history of this old regiment. The brass bands and horses in full ceremonial dresses are paraded by the French Presidential Guard at the Casernes des Celestins on the last weekend in September.

  2. Quartier des Célestins on boulevard Henri IV

  3. Website: Garde Républicaine Website

  Fete des Jardins a Paris

  1. For two great days a program of varied entertainment awaits you in Paris' green spaces. Hundreds of free events take place throughout the French capital - from guided tours and walks to concerts and exhibitions.

  2. Particularly recommended are the Parc de Bercy, Parc de la Villette, Jardins du Luxembourg, Jardins des Tuileries and Jardin des Plantes. The full programme is available from the Paris Tourist Office from September.

  3. See Our Photos of Some Parisian Parks

  4. Website:

  5. Paris' Silhouette Festival

  6. Paris' Silhouette Festival in Buttes Chaumont Park showcases international and French short films after dark on a giant inflatable screen. The festival is free, al fresco and a different live act performs as the sun sets each night.

  7. Website: Silhouette Association Website

  8. Jazz at La Villette

  9. Is a musical celebration with an emphasis on innovative and experimental jazz, performed at the Parc de la Villette and other venues around Paris.

  10. In August and September Website:


Grand Feu d’Artifice de Saint-Cloud

The world biggest and longest firework

12th September 2015


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  1. Techno Parade

  2. The biggest gathering of techno fans parades through the streets of Paris. Around 20 floats carrying 150 musicians, DJs and performers from all over France turn out to dance their way along the three-mile route.After the parade continue partying in numerous bars and clubs across the capital.

  3. Métro : Ligne 4 - Denfert-Rochereau. 

  4. Website: Techno Parade Website

Fête de la Gastronomie

In September 2015 the entire country is celebrating the Fête de la Gastronomie. It's all about learning and appreciating French food and wines, wine tastings, food events and classes in Paris and the rest of France.

In September 2015, you can join the festival tous au restaurant. During this time, many restaurants are offering 2-for-1 meals. Book them on

Open Days at the Ménilmontant artists’ studios

Quartier de Ménilmontant

End September, 14-20.00h

The popular Ménilmontant district is full of artists from all kinds of backgrounds. Sculptors, painters, ceramicists, engravers, designers … have all set up their studios here. Every year, ‘open days’ invite the public to discover the world of these artists right in the heart of their place of artistic creation.

Mondial de l’Automobile

Paris-Expo 2015

Cutting-edge vehicle design from all over the world.


A week of foreign culture

Semaine de culture etrangere

In September 2015

Revelations. 21st Century Paris, biennial of crafts, luxury and creation

from Wednesday 09 September 2015 to Sunday 13 September 2015

Nef du Grand Palais

Avenue Winston Churchill , 75008 Paris

Creativity and applied arts.Dates to be confirmed. This new art biennial at the National Galleries of the Grand Palais brings together key figures within artisan creation, craftsmanship, and French luxury. Thus, visitors will find a programme of art workshops, as well as being able to meet manufactures, luxury designers, artists, creatives, galleries, institutions and schools who will present and sell their creations to the public, which will include collectors and professionals in the field.Revelations. 21st Century Paris is a commercial event but it is also a demonstration which serves to educate the next generation about these unique artistic metiers.

Event website :